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Cost Comparison

Give your 401(k) a quick cost review

Paying 1% or less can save your retirement

Employee fees can take a big bite out of your and your employees' retirement savings. Many small and mid-size companies pay 2% or more in employee expenses.

The graph below shows that with only 1% fees, John has over $242K more savings than Alan after 40 years.*

With only 1% fees instead of the industry standard 2%, John has $242K more savings in 40 years!

Get started and see how lower costs can save the day

Your company's Fee Disclosure document should make it much easier to compare plans. You can use your document to provide some basic info on the right, or upload your Fee Disclosure document and we'll do it for you.

No cost, no obligation, just the comparison.

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Just upload your fee disclosure document and we'll provide you a full cost comparison in two business days or less.

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