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Smart Investments with ShareBuilder 401k

401(k) plan investment expertise at your service!

At ShareBuilder 401k, we offer investments and oversight that is truly uncommon in the industry today. We have three goals for every client in helping owners and employees successfully save for retirement:

  1. Keep fund expenses low because costs matter when it comes to saving — a pillar of our investment philosophy
  2. Make it simple to manage the fund line-up available in your plan — we do it for you
  3. Lower your business risks of offering a plan — we have a skin in the game with you, unlike most

ShareBuilder 401k is an advisor that selects and manages the investments and model portfolios available in every ShareBuilder 401k plan. As we are not a fund provider, we take an unbiased approach in determining the investments with your best interests in mind. And it's all done by financial professionals – aka The Capital One Advisors Investment Committee. Our committee continually monitors the investment options offered in your plan and will adjust the five model portfolios with a laser focus on:

  • Diversification to help minimize losses while optimizing the potential for strong returns
  • Low-expense funds so your money has the opportunity to work harder over time
  • Long-term wealth building strategies that avoid short-term fads

How we lower your risk

In a typical 401(k) plan, the owner or designated plan sponsor for your company plan is responsible for selecting and reviewing the investment options offered in the plan. If there are concerns, or in worst case, an employee lawsuit about the fund offerings in the plan, the owner and other "fiduciaries" of a company plan are liable. Most 401(k) providers will take no responsibility, let alone a fiduciary role, in supporting your plan. Rather, these risks and responsibilities fall squarely on their clients' shoulders, many who are not financial experts nor have the time to be.

We take a very hands-on approach that is quite uncommon in the industry today. To minimize the issues employers face and to offer what we believe is a better 401(k) plan, we share the fiduciary responsibilities for the investment line-up of every ShareBuilder 401k plan with our customers. We are what is known as an ERISA 3(38) advisor. Investment expertise provides real value for most any company's 401(k) plan and that's why ShareBuilder 401k's financial experts are here to help!

How we manage your investment options

To provide you with a great investment line-up, the Capital One Advisors Investment Committee oversees the investment options available in our plans along with managing the make-up of the five model portfolios (from conservative to aggressive) at least quarterly. The committee consists of seven investment professionals including three CFAs (Chartered Financial Analyst). To assist in our analysis, we use a model from ASI employing a Markowitz mean-variance technique designed to produce the highest expected return given the variable constraints (e.g. loss limits, historical returns, etc…) for each model portfolio. With this and other data, the investments line-up and model portfolios are managed in line with Sharebuilder 401k Investment Philosophy and Policy. Essential policy objectives are asset diversification and keeping fund expenses low.

In a nutshell, this means that we take this role very seriously. It's a service few providers offer and we automatically include it in our pricing. We are here to provide you superior investment support and help you and your employees build a meaningful nest egg come retirement.

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