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ShareBuilder 401k Plans

ShareBuilder 401k plans are designed for companies of any size, whether you're a single entrepreneur or have a growing business of 500 or more employees. Our leading online technology and 401(k) Consultants help make it easy and affordable to get you up and running fast.

Choose the 401(k) that's right for your business

  • Best for
  • Matching
  • Profit
  • IRS Tests
  • Vesting
  • Individual 401k
  • Solo Owner(s) looking to save $6,000 or more per year.
  • Not Applicable
  • Enabled Automatically
  • Not Applicable
  • Immediately Vested
  • Learn More
  • Simplified 401k
  • Maximize owner contribution and avoid IRS tests.
  • Safe Harbor Match Required
  • Standard Option Available
  • Satisfied
  • Immediate Match; Profit Sharing: 3-6 year options
  • Learn More
  • Customized 401k
  • Flexible matching, vesting and profit sharing options
  • Optional, may limit owner contributions
  • Standard Option Available
  • Yes
  • Match and Profit Sharing: 3-6 year options
  • Learn More
  • Tiered Profit Sharing 401k
  • Reward employees by group, tenure or age.
  • Likely
  • Advanced Profit Sharing Options
  • Varies by Plan
  • Immediate Match typical; Profit Sharing: 3-6 year options
  • Learn More

ShareBuilder 401k Plans: Find your perfect match!

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