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401(k) Pricing

Tiered (aka Advanced) Profit Sharing 401(k)

Ideal for businesses with unique employee groups (e.g. legal firm with partners, attorneys and staff). This plan design allows you to reward each group appropriately in line with business results. An advanced profit sharing plan uses a New Comparability or an Age Weighted structure to determine the best way to share profits based on your budget, tax, employee make-up or incentive needs. Your ShareBuilder 401k Consultant will run customized projections to help you determine the most cost effective way to meet your company's goals.

Find out more about Tiered Profit Sharing 401(k) plans.

Employer Fees
One-time Setup
Monthly Administration
Based on number of Participants
1 - 15 16 - 50 51 - 100 101 +
$0 -
$995 $190 $240 $325 N/A 0.75%
$500,000 -
$750 $150 $185 $225 N/A 0.65%
$2,000,000 -
$500 $75 $95 $115 N/A 0.55%
$5,000,000 - $7,999,999 No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge 0.45%
or More
We strive to help any size business save for retirement. Our pricing schedule continues for those with larger plans and in some cases additional fees may be applicable. Click the start button to receive a custom quote which will include all applicable fees. Start

Custom Services

ShareBuilder 401k offers full-service 401(k) plans. Should you require custom or non-standard services, those charges are listed below for your convenience. This also includes infrequent services.

Participant Costs
DistributionsThe benefit paid to a plan participant. / Withdrawals $60 - $75 / event
Loans $125 - $150 / loan
Required minimum distribution $100
Reissue of a check $25
Stop payment of a check $25 - $35
Overnight mailing fee $35 / event
Qualified Domestic Relations Order processingThis division of benefits is typically associated with a divorce in regards to monies assigned to the other person for alimony payments, child support or as marital property. Up to $750/occurrence
Plan Sponsor Costs
In the event of an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) circumstance that results in a failed transaction. The ACH system is used to transfer plan contributions and administrative fees electronically from the bank account provided. Automated Clearing House (ACH) notice of change due to client error or non-sufficient funds $50
A determination letter is only needed at Employer's request. This letter indicates that a retirement plan meets the IRS form requirements for qualification. Our clients typically use a prototype document which has already been pre-approved by the IRS. No fee will apply when using this pre-approved document. Determination letter filing $500 - $1,000
IRS submission fee for the determination letter $1,000 - $4,000
An audit is an IRS examination of an individual or corporation's tax return, to verify its accuracy. This fee is associated with the assistance required should an audit be requested by the Department of Labor (DOL) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). DOL or IRS audits $600 base, plus $100/hour over 6 hours
An incompliant 401(k) plan that switches to ShareBuilder 401k with an existing issue will require adjustments prior to implementation. IRS/DOL Correction Program $250/hour, plus $900 government submission fee if required
Additional fees would apply for requests that are not part of our standard services. We would communicate an estimate of the amount of the fee before we would initiate the activity. Examples may include consulting services for business mergers, aquisitions, spin-offs, new control groups considerations, etc. Custom requests and extraordinary services $75 - $250/hour
Fee applies when the previously approved Form 5500 has already been filed with the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) and changes are necessary for correction. Amended Form 5500 $100
If the granting of additional time is necessary in filing of the Form 5500. Federal filing extension $100
A change in the terms to the Plan Document detailing the provisions of the plan (participation requirements, vesting, payment options, loan options, Roth provision, etc.)Plan amendment $100 - $200 unless otherwise noted
Product migrations $250
All of the work that is necessary for when a plan is permanently discontinued.Plan terminations $825 - $1,000 plus any applicable employee paid distribution fees
Plan transfers $750 - $1,000
Plan As retirement plan regulations change, the IRS will mandate restatements when the importance and number of these addendums become significant. These typically have occurred every 5 - 10 years. A 401(k) Plan Restatement is the process in which a third party administrator revises all Plan documents to incorporate all new IRS regulatory additions of retirement plans.Restatement required by IRS due to regulation changes (infrequent) Fee will vary based upon requirements mandated by the IRS. The last restatement price was $400.
In the event of death, disability or retirement of an employee, this fee is paid by the Employer. All other forms of distribution are paid by the employee.Distribution Benefits for death, disability or retirement $75
Manual conversion of data (electronic conversion is included at no charge) $10/participant; $500 minimum
IRS compliance testing for plans that exclude some forms of employee pay, such as bonuses, commissions or overtime.414(s) Compensation Ratio testing $225/hour
This may be an option to pass compliance testing for those that fail the standard coverage ratio test. These tests measure eligible employees use and access to 401(k) benefits and determine to what extent highly compensated employees and owners can contribute to the plan. Average Benefits testing $225/hour
IRS compliance testing for a company with multiple businesses, and 401(k) plans serviced by different 401(k) providers.Mutiple business/plan testing $225/hour, if outside plan data is included
Extra hours beyond the three included with a Tiered Profit Sharing 401(k) would typically only be incurred if a company wants to run many scenarios in considering alternate Advanced Profit Sharing options.Age-weighted or New Comparability Contribution Calculations with cross-testing $225/hour, beyond the first 3 included hours
The Asset Certification Letter allows an Employer to perform a limited scope audit, relying on the custodian for positions. This may be a less expensive alternative to a full audit.Asset certification letter $150
Employer Calculation (If performed by RecordKeeper – optional) $500 per calculation
Plan Design Studies $500 per study
This fee is triggered when combining two separate plans into a single plan. The fee covers the expenses of closing out of each of the separate plans and the combining of those plans into a single plan. Plan Merger $600
Investment Conversion Fee $500

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