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At ShareBuilder 401k, we take the security of your 401(k) Plan very seriously. We use a variety of techniques to provide multiple layers of protection against network or physical intrusion, and we are constantly monitoring our servers and physical location for unauthorized access.

While we can protect against direct attacks and attempts to infiltrate our systems, information security doesn't end with us. Identity thieves and hackers will frequently target the account owner as the weakest link in the security chain. It can be hard to know where to begin with information security, so we've put together the following tips as a way to help you cover the essentials:

Please Note: You are responsible for evaluating security products and determining the solution that works best for your circumstances. These suggested steps are not meant to imply a complete security solution, only to illustrate common security issues. The product and informational links are provided for your convenience and are not intended as endorsements. ShareBuilder 401k has no relationship with any of these companies.

Protect your password

Don't share your password with anyone. Your password is your personal and private way to access your account, similar to the PIN for your debit card.

Don't use the same password on ShareBuilder 401k that you use on other sites. If a hacker steals a shared password from a less-secure site, they may use it to enter your ShareBuilder 401k Account.

Don't share confidential information (such as Social Security number or your mother's maiden name) with others.

Do change your password on a regular basis. Changing your password frequently helps reduce the chance of unauthorized access.

Update your computer

Do educate yourself about home computer security.

Do install critical system updates for your computer's Operating System and Internet Browser. These will help close newly-discovered vulnerabilities.

Operating Systems

Internet Browsers

Do install Anti-Virus programs and scan your system on a regular basis. Update virus definitions often to stay protected.

Do install multiple Anti-Spyware programs to ensure all spyware is caught, update software definitions often and scan your system on a regular basis. Many of these options are free to use or try.

Do use encryption if you are using a wireless internet connection. This information is specific to the manufacturer of your wireless hardware.

Do protect any computer connected to the internet with a firewall.

Use email wisely

Do review the ShareBuilder 401k Email Communication Security statement.

Don't open attachments or click on links in an email that you weren't expecting. Take a moment to contact the sender and ensure that the email was sent with their knowledge.

Don't send your username, password, credit card number or other personal information via email to anyone. Email is not a secure way to communicate private information.

Don't enter personal information into forms that you receive via email, even if it appears to be legitimate – this may be someone phishing (a way to steal your identity by creating fake emails or web pages that look official) for information.

Do contact ShareBuilder 401k if you receive an email that you think may be fraudulent. You can forward the suspect email to

Guard your identity

Do report lost or stolen checks and credit cards immediately. Blocking fraudulent charges before they can occur is much easier than trying to repair damage to your credit history.

Don't ever loan out your ATM or credit card. Once it leaves your possession, you have no way of controlling what is done with this information until after charges occur.

Do check your credit report on a regular basis. You are entitled to a free credit report once a year, and some companies offer more advanced credit protection services for a fee.

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