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What are model portfolios?

A model portfolio is a group of Index Funds that have been developed to meet the needs of a specific investing profile. Each model portfolio has been balanced based on the expected length of time until the funds are needed (ranging from 1-2 years to 10+ years) and the investor's ability to tolerate the risk of a decline in value.

Details about the five model portfolios can be found by following these links:

Although Capital One Advisors, LLC, carefully evaluates the make-up of the model portfolios on a regular basis, ShareBuilder 401k makes no representation regarding the likelihood or probability that any or all of the portfolios will in fact achieve a particular investment goal or fulfill the risk tolerance profile as described for each portfolio. ShareBuilder 401k is unable to predict or forecast market fluctuations or other uncertainties that may affect the value of any investment and is prohibited by law from making such predictions or projections.

As a self-directed investor, you must carefully consider the merit of a 401(k) plan and the appropriateness of the available investments under your employer's plan in light of your own personal financial circumstances, including your other assets, income and investments (e.g. equity in a home, IRA investments, savings accounts and interests in other qualified and nonqualified plans), cash flow needs, tax circumstances, or other complex or subjective concerns. You are urged to use all available resources to educate yourself about investing in general, these investment products in particular, and the composition of the model portfolios.

Please be aware that you are not required to select a pre-determined model portfolio. As an alternative to the model portfolios, you can combine individual Exchange Traded Funds offered in the ShareBuilder 401k to create a customized portfolio with a risk and return profile similar to that any of the model portfolios, although you should consider obtaining the assistance of a qualified investment advisor in doing so. Monitoring and adjusting your ShareBuilder 401k investing plan to suit changing circumstances is your responsibility, and it is recommended that you reassess any investing program on a regular basis to ensure that it remains consistent with your current financial resources and investment objectives.

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