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What is Automatic Rebalancing?

As the Index Funds in your portfolio change in value, the distribution may change from your original investment instructions. If you have chosen to use the Automatic Rebalancing feature, your portfolio will automatically realign itself with your original investment instructions, without any additional input from you. Best of all, ShareBuilder 401k does not charge for this service.

Here's how it works: About one week from the end of each calendar quarter, ShareBuilder 401k will compare your portfolio against your current investment instructions. Once the variances have been determined, we will automatically buy and sell shares of the appropriate Index Funds until the distribution of shares held in your portfolio matches the percentage instructions entered in your investment election.

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If you still have questions about this topic or want additional information about ShareBuilder 401k, please contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-943-6108. Our agents are available from 9am - 8pm (Eastern Time), Monday-Friday, except for market holidays.