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Our Low Cost Solution

Up to 41% in savings versus typical 401(k) plans

Let's compare the first-year cost of a ShareBuilder 401k for a 10-person company to typical industry pricing.

In the following example, ShareBuilder 401k charges a simple monthly administration fee based on the number of participants of only $110/month or $1,320 annualized. Many providers charge an annual administration fee plus an annual eligible employee or participant fee!

First-year fees are based on a company of 10, with 8 participating employees. ShareBuilder 401k pricing is based on enrollment in a Simplified 401k plan. As you'd expect, pricing and savings may vary depending on the number of participants.

Comparison of the first-year cost of a Sharebuilder 401k for a 10-person company to typical industry pricing
  ShareBuilder 401k Typical industry pricing*
One-time setup fees $495 $990
Administration fees $1,320 $1,173
Participant fees $470 $1,127
Total first-year fees $2,285 $3,290


Save money, time and taxes

  • Plans start at $110/month and prices lower as your plan grows
  • Online and paper-free: setup your plan in 20 minutes or less
  • Save up to $19,000 tax-deferred and receive up to $1,500 tax credits

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