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Finally, a 401(k) Education Program Built to Make a Difference


Helping employees make smart decisions in their 401(k) account has received plenty of press since the big recession of 2008 and 2009. And rightfully so. Yet few providers have made strides in how they assist employers and employees engage and make better decisions for their situations.

At ShareBuilder 401k, we’re redefining what a great education program looks like. We deliver 401(k) education and guidance in the way your employees are likely to use. The program is designed so the information that needs to be noticed will be. For guidance that is helpful, it is personalized so it is more relevant and likely to be read by your employees. Some of the key components of the program we do automatically for clients include:

  • Online enrollment video so even employees that miss the launch meeting won’t miss important points about your 401(k) program.
  • Quarterly account review emails provide personalized assessments of each employee’s savings and fund diversification and offer general tips for success.
  • Online guides, calculators, and more so that financial literacy is a click away.
  • Our Investment Center makes it easy to understand fund and model portfolio objectives, expenses, and historical performance.
  • And while we are all for saving the trees, paper statements are an option.

People consume and accept information differently now. We can all make a difference in helping folks save for retirement by leveraging all the ways people prefer to receive and take action on information. A substantial nest egg is a great reward.

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