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The Business of Savings


Lower your 401(k) plan costs automatically -- no contracts


The funny thing about 401(k) plans is that as your company’s program grows in value, few providers adjust their costs even though your plan has likely become much more valuable to them. The ones that do offer clients some price breaks typically require a contract that among other things also includes:

  1. Surrender charges if you changing providers prior to the end of a contract (this is in addition to a typical plan termination fee charged by the plan administrator)
  2. Plan contribution minimums (the provider basically wants your employees as a whole to help continue to grow your plan to help offset lowering your pricing)

Doing business with a 401(k) provider should be a whole lot easier and that’s why we automatically lower our clients pricing when they pass asset milestones. We lower both company costs and participant fees without any contract mumbo jumbo. This not only helps the company save on costs, but also helps employees’ money work even harder. And that’s our mission, to help Americans save their money.

Our automatic pricing discounts are an important way we take care of our clients and ensure that they always receive great value in service and in price no matter their size. We think it’s the right way to do business. How about you?

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