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The Business of Savings


Expert 401(k) advice; a rare and beautiful thing


Here are five things to ponder about 401(k) providers:

  1. Imagine if 100% of your financial expert’s job was to consult on 401(k) plans
  2. Imagine if your consultant was a registered investment advisor (RIA) and must act in your best interest as required by regulations
  3. Imagine if the consultant considered whether a 401(k) plan was even the right solution for your business
  4. Imagine that the consultant helped you uncover all the important details to consider what type of 401(k) plan design was the best fit for your business (it could save you thousands of dollars in cost)
  5. Imagine if your advisor’s goal was to keep your costs low and helped lower your business risks

Well, now you’ve found something really unique. Very few financial representatives focus solely on 401(k) plans. Most are interested in managing the personal money of the wealthier people at your firm and the 401(k) plan is a secondary thought.

At ShareBuilder 401k, all we do is help small businesses determine the right 401(k) plan for their business and help our clients build their retirement savings. No need to imagine any longer, we’re here to help!

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