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The Business of Savings


Introducing Vanguard funds to our investments


A core objective of ShareBuilder 401k is to keep investment costs low. Vanguard has made great in-roads in the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) marketplace over the past decade and many of their funds are very competitive, and in some cases in our analysis, more competitive when compared to similar ETFs from other providers. That led us to make four fund changes which introduced Vanguard ETFs to our line-up.

Lower Expenses So Your Money Works Harder

These changes lower the average expense ratio of the ShareBuilder 401k investment line-up from 0.26% to 0.19% (that’s 27% lower) so our clients’ money will have the opportunity to work harder over time. A recent Morningstar report found, “In every single time period and data point tested, low-cost funds beat high-cost funds." Yes, not surprising, fund expenses can matter a lot as you build for retirement.

Our Investment Committee Hard at Work

Unlike most 401(k) providers, we lower the business risk of offering a 401(k) plan by acting as the investment manager for every ShareBuilder 401k client. This means we take over the duties for your company of reviewing the investment line-up and managing it to the investment policy; something your company would otherwise need to establish on its own. Pillars of the ShareBuilder investment policy and philosophy include investment diversification and low costs.

Our Investment Committee does in-depth fund analyses that go well beyond expenses. We evaluate investments based on fund expense ratios, fund management and tracking error to the benchmark index, fund market cap, long-term investment performance, as well as other criteria. With eight members that are financial experts, three of which are CFAs, and access to advanced financial models, it’s a great benefit we can provide our clients.

Low-expense funds and rigorous investment oversight, we believe that makes for a great 401(k) plan.

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