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Advanced Profit Sharing rewards employees by group, tenure or age

This ShareBuilder 401k is ideal for businesses with unique employee groups (e.g. legal firm with partners, attorneys and staff). This plan uses a New Comparability or an Age Weighted structure to determine the best way to divide company contributions based on your budget, tax, employee make-up and incentive needs.

  • Provide a retirement benefit to your employees while saving money with an affordable 401(k) plan
  • Your ShareBuilder 401k Consultant will run customized projections to help you determine the most cost effective way to meet your company's goals
  • Reward each group appropriately in line with business results
  • Get started quickly with our fast online plan setup
  • Receive a deduction from taxable business profits for contributions
  • Become eligible for a tax credit of 50% ($1,000 maximum) of the administrative costs for each of the first three years of the new plan (for businesses with fewer than 100 employees) if this is your first 401(k) plan
  • Contribute at the maximum rate while retaining the flexibility to contribute at a lower rate in future years
  • Automatic price discounts as your plan grows

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