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Full featured 401(k) plan to meet your needs

The ShareBuilder 401k Customized 401(k) is a flexible 401(k) that allows you to build a retirement plan that specifically meets the business needs of your company. With the Customized 401(k), you can design a simple plan that only allows employee contributions or you may choose to build a plan that matches employee contributions and/or allows employees to share in profits.

A full-service retirement plan that can be customized for small businesses

  • Provide a retirement benefit to your employees while saving money with an affordable 401(k) plan
  • Focus on running your business with our convenient, low maintenance plan
  • Get started quickly with fast online plan setup
  • Receive a deduction from taxable business profits for contributions
  • Become eligible for a tax credit of 50% ($1,000 maximum) of the administrative costs in the first three years of the new plan (for businesses with fewer than 100 employees)
  • Determine the profit-sharing funding you want
  • Contribute at the maximum rate while retaining the flexibility to contribute at a lower rate in other years
  • Customize a plan to suit your business with our flexible plan design
  • Automatic price discounts as your plan grows

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Employee fees can take a big bite out of your and your employees' retirement savings. Many small and mid-size companies pay 1.5% or more in employee expenses. Find out how your plan stacks up with our free, no obligation Cost Comparison.