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Safe Harbor 401(k) plan helps you save more with less hassle

The ShareBuilder 401k Simplified 401(k) also known as a Safe Harbor 401(k) is specifically designed for small businesses with employees who desire an easy-to-operate 401(k) plan. The Simplified 401(k) is a 401(k) Safe Harbor plan that satisfies the nondiscrimination rules for elective deferrals and employer contributions. Simplified 401(k) plans also serve as an excellent migration solution for owner-only businesses that already have an Individual 401(k) plan when they hire their first employee.

Ideal for companies looking to adopt their first 401(k) plan or for companies that may have an existing SIMPLE or SEP plan

  • Provide a retirement benefit to your employees while saving money with an affordable 401(k) plan
  • Focus on running your business with our convenient, low maintenance plan
  • Get started quickly with fast online plan setup
  • Benefits from higher deferral limits than a SIMPLE IRA
  • Reach your annual contribution goals more quickly than a SEP
  • Receive a deduction from taxable business profits for contributions
  • Become eligible for a tax credit of 50% ($1,000 maximum) of the administrative costs in the first three years of the new plan (for businesses with fewer than 100 employees)
  • Nondiscrimination tests are satisfied
  • Customize a plan to suit your business with our flexible plan design
  • Automatic price discounts as your plan grows

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Employee fees can take a big bite out of your and your employees' retirement savings. Many small and mid-size companies pay 1.5% or more in employee expenses. Find out how your plan stacks up with our free, no obligation Cost Comparison.