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ShareBuilder 401k Video Series

The Straight Scoop on 401(k)s


ShareBuilder 401k President and General Manager Stuart Robertson presents the latest installment on "The Straight Scoop on 401(k)s". For more tips on Small Business 401(k)s, please visit our YouTube Channel at

No Business is Too Small for a 401(k)

Today any business - even the self-employed - can quickly and easily set up a 401(k) plan. 401(k)s are now affordable for any size company and the tax and savings benefits can really add up. In this video, ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson explains how.

401(k) Plans: to Match or Not to Match

While providing a match is not required to offer a 401(k) plan for any business, it can help owners more easily maximize their own retirement savings. ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson explains when a match makes good sense and when it doesn't.

How to Compare 401(k) Plans

Whether you're starting a first 401(k) plan for your business or comparing your current plan to ones offered by other providers, there are four key things to look for in the process to ensure you have the right plan for your business. ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson explains these important considerations in more detail.

Understanding 401(k) Fees

When it comes to 401(k) fees, paying more than one percent can have an unnecessary negative impact on your long-term savings. The difference of even one percent in fees over a 40-year career can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings come retirement. In this video, ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson explains how fees can impact your long-term savings.

The Many Benefits of Offering a 401(k) Plan

Helping employees save for retirement and lowering current year taxes are just two of many benefits of offering a 401(k) plan. In this video, ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson discusses how a 401(k) can help you better manage your money via tax-deferral advantages, Roth 401(k)s, loans, and employer tax credits and deductions.

Solo 401(k) Plans: Big Benefits for the Self-Employed

Designed specifically for the self-employed, Solo 401(k)s are a great fit for freelancers, sole-proprietors and consultants. ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson explains why.

Why ETFs Are a Great Fit for 401(k)s

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are gaining popularity in 401(k) plans. ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson provides a look at these low-cost, diversified options and why they're becoming a bigger part of 401(k) plans.

Understanding Employer Responsibilities

While setting-up a 401(k) plan is easier than ever before, there are some important responsibilities that business owners need to be aware of once the plan is up and running. It's important to know that some 401(k) solutions provide a lot more protection than others. ShareBuilder 401k President Stuart Robertson outlines an employer's responsibilities in this installment of "The Straight Scoop on 401(k)s"

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