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Who is ShareBuilder 401k? Low cost 401(k) plans to help you and your employees save for retirement. Simple to set up and manage online. Recordkeeping and administration included. With help along the way from our 401(k) team.
Good for you. Good for your company. 401(k) plans were created with unique advantages that can make a real difference in your savings. $500 potential tax credit plus deductions to lower your business costs. The highest contribution limits among retirement options. A roth option with no income limit.
Big Benefits, Small Price. Compare our 401(k) plan pricing against traditional providers, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Participant fees typically average under 1% all in. Automatically lower our pricing as your plan assets grow. No term contracts, no contribution minimums, no hassles.
Which plan fits you best? From 1 person to 1000 and beyond, we can work with any size business - find your perfect match.

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Planning your retirement doesn't need to be hard. Here are some articles and tools to get you started: