2024 401(k) Max Contribution Limits and More

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Inflation is still sticking around this year. The good news is that in 2024 you will be able to put more money away in your 401(k) and IRAs. The IRS released the contribution and tax-deferral limits for 401(k) plans, IRAs, and other retirement accounts for 2024. Changes are based on the U.S. cost of living increases, and there are some notable changes for those saving in 401(k) accounts.

401(k) employee contribution limits increase in 2024 to $23,000 from $22,500 in 2023. Those over 50 years of age can still make the same catch-up contributions of $7,500 per year (that's up to $30,500 per year in total excluding any employer match) to their 401(k) accounts. Most 401(k)s allow Roth 401(k) contributions. Employees may choose to put some, none, or all contributions into the Roth 401(k) or tax-deferred option. Separately, IRA limits increased $500 to $7,000; IRA catch-up limits remain unchanged.

The Total Amount You Can Defer Into a 401(k) is Increased to $69,000
Another 401(k) area of import that changed is the amount you can contribute and receive in total to your 401(k) account. If you receive company matching contributions or profit sharing, the all-in tax-deferral limit has been increased from $66,000 to $69,000 for 2024 with those over 50 years able to put in $76,500 with the catch-up. Here is a summary of the 2024 401(k) limits as compared to 2023:

401(k) Limits for 2024    
  2024 2023
Employee contribution limit $23,000 $22,500
Annual limit per individual $69,000 $66,000
Age 50+ catch-up amount $7,500 $7,500
Annual compensation limit $345,000 $330,000
Highly compensated employees $155,000 $150,000

401(k) Saving Advantages Over Traditional IRAs Are Significant
The tax advantages for 401(k) savers versus those opting to use IRAs or don't have access to a 401(k) plan is large and is now even a bit bigger.

401(k) Advantages Over Traditional IRAs in 2024    
  401(k) IRA
Annual limit per individual $69,000
(employee + employer contributions)
Age 50+ catch-up amount $7,500 $1,000
Roth income limit None $161K*
Penalty-free access, if needed Yes, via a loan No

*Beginning at $146K, the amount you are allowed to contribute begins to decrease, hitting $0 at $161K for singles (range is $230K to $240K for married couples filing jointly)

Along with 2024 IRA contribution limit increase, you can earn more in 2024 and are able to deduct your IRA contributions. The phase out income limits for contributing to a Roth IRA are up $8K to $12K from the 2023 phase out ranges depending on your filing status.

Refer to IRS announcement and notice for 2024 for more details.

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