Custom Services When You Have Unique or One-off Needs

ShareBuilder 401k offers full-service 401(k) plans and from time to time you may require custom, one-off, or special services. A comprehensive list of additional services—which are usually one-time transaction items—you or your employees can use is provided here in case any such needs arise.

Participant Costs
Distributions/Withdrawals $75 Per event
Loans $75 Initial + $75 Annual Maintenance
Required minimum distribution $75 Per event
Reissue of a check $25 Per event
Stop payment of a check $35 Per event
Overnight mailing fee $35 Per event
Qualified Domestic Relations Order processing $300 Per event
Plan Sponsor Costs
Automated clearing house (ACH) notice of change due to client error or non-sufficient funds $50 Per event
Determination letter filing $1,000 Per event
IRS submission fee for the determination letter $1,000 - $4,000
DOL or IRS audits $600 base, plus $100 Per hour over 6 hours
IRS/DOL Correction Program $250 Per hour, plus $900 government submission fee if required
Custom requests and extraordinary services $75 Per hour
Amended Form 5500 $100 Per event
Federal filing extension $100 Per event
Plan amendment $100 Per event unless otherwise noted
Product migrations $100 Per event
Plan terminations $1,500 Per event plus $75 Per participant with an account balance
Plan transfers $1,500 Per event
Plan restatement required by IRS due to regulation changes (Infrequent) Fee will vary based upon requirements mandated by the IRS. The last restatement price was $400.
Distribution benefits for death, disability or retirement $75 Per event
Manual conversion of data (electronic conversion is not charged) $10 Per participant; $500 minimum
Multiple business/plan testing $225 Per hour, if outside plan data is included
Asset certification letter $150 Per event
Employer calculation (if performed by recordkeeper - optional) $500 Per calculation
Plan design studies $500 Per study
Plan merger $600 Per event
Investment Conversion fee $250 Per event
Spin off $390 Per event
Year-end Correction $75 Per event
Past Due Year End Fee $75 Per event
Plan Restatement $150 Per event