Big 401(k) Benefits at a Small Price!1

ShareBuilder 401k is here to help you and your employees save more money for retirement. By bringing together low-cost and simplified 401(k) solutions for businesses, we aim to bring clarity, empowerment and inspiration to retirement saving so that business owners and employees can confidently get on the road to financial freedom.

The ShareBuilder 401k Difference.


Our digital solutions provide a simplified, manageable experience. Paperwork and administration are automated and online, making it easily accessible wherever you are.

Employee 401(k) Plan Features

401(k) advisors and specialists help you implement and manage your 401(k) plan to keep you and your employees on target.

Low-Cost Approach

Our low-cost approach to investing results in lower 401(k) benefit costs.

Investment Advisory

We provide investment advisory functions, including serving as an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary, taking on the responsibility of investment roster reviews and documentation which saves you time and energy and provides more risk protection for owners.

Our Philosophy

Our founding principles of providing easy, affordable and smart retirement plans are the bedrock of ShareBuilder 401k. We designed our investment offerings to combine diversification and low expenses, selecting a high-quality,2 low-cost Exchange Traded Funds lineup managed by our Investment Committee.

ShareBuilder 401k’s investment philosophy is built on three pillars:


Long-Term Investing

Our Investment Committee takes an unbiased approach that utilizes modern portfolio theory, economic data, and sound investing principles—we don’t consider trends and market timing as a philosophy.



An essential key to long-term investing success is having access to appropriate asset classes and funds. Our investment roster includes a mix of stocks, bonds, alternative asset classes such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commodities, as well as a money market fund. We also offer six model portfolios with varying degrees of risk and investment time horizons.


Low Costs

Investments with consistently low expenses can give employees a head start in achieving competitive returns. Our goal is to keep all-in investing costs well under 1%. Even paying 1% more in investment expenses can cost an employee hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 40-year career.

1 ShareBuilder 401k plan expenses range from 23% to 68% less than the industry average at various data points from a $50K plan with 6 participants to a $100M plan with 2,000 participants based on 401k Averages Book 2023 Data and Custom Benchmarking report prepared for ShareBuilder Advisors. Cost comparisons are based on plan assets and number of participants and reflect core on‐going 401(k) plan expenses that a company and/or its employees can expect to incur as a percentage of assets with most any 401(k) plan. This includes administration, recordkeeping, tax filing prep documents, plan testing, fund expense ratios, and other investment costs passed on to every participant to service the plan. It does not include unique employee-initiated transactions such as loans, distributions or employer transactions such as plan amendments. ShareBuilder 401K pricing is based off standard pricing rates for our typical Safe Harbor 401(k) plan design. This claim is not applicable to solo 401(k) plans.

2 High-quality Funds: The ShareBuilder Advisors Investment Committee conducts an annual review of the funds offered as ShareBuilder 401k investment options. The review includes multiple variables including length of time since inception, asset level, historic performance over one to ten years, expense ratios, and how the funds compare to their benchmark index. Each fund is monitored, and changes are made to the fund lineup as needed to align the investment options to the Investment Committee’s investment policy.