Are Down Markets a Good Time to Invest More in My 401(k)?

By Stuart Robertson

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the big stock market drop from February, many Americans have been concerned about their 401(k) balance and if they need to adjust their 401(k) investments to cash or equivalent funds. We discuss this in another blog and video if this is weighing on your mind (FYI, this may not be the right move for many).

We are also receiving questions from across America that are nearly the polar opposite. If you tune into investing shows on CNBC, Bloomberg or other similar ones, you may hear that down markets like the one we are currently experiencing are potentially big buying opportunities. So, in this blog and video, we cover three questions:

  1. If I have the means, is now a smart time to invest more in my 401(k)?
  2. Should I invest more aggressively while the markets are down?
  3. Is it a good time to increase my Roth 401(k) contribution percentage?

For more information on Roth 401(k)s, check out Roth 401(k) – Meet Roth IRA's More Versatile Big Brother.

For more insights on investing in down markets, read Do I Adjust My 401(k) When Markets Are Down?

Wishing you well.

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