How to Take Control of Your Financial Life

By ShareBuilder 401k

Whether you have a resolution, a goal, or are just tired of how much time you spend fretting over money issues, now is a great time to read these three blogs and get on track. These are chalk full of perspective, guideposts, and insights to empower you and help put you in control of your finances.

As a 401k provider, we spend a lot of time educating employees across the nation on how to manage money and save for tomorrow. These blogs give practical, concise know-how, that we’ve seen help others. It can enable you to put your money to work for you versus feeling overwhelmed by debt or other financial obligations.

  1. How to Budget and Manage Your Money Smart
    Ever have trouble managing a budget or wondering how much should go towards Wants (entertainment, new TV,,..), Needs (rent, groceries, utilities…), and Savings (emergency, general, retirement,…)? Need ideas on how to analyze where you are and how to setup a budget you can feel good about? This blog provides a framework on how to assess your situation so you can put together a financial strategy that works for your household.

  2. How to Manage Loans and Credit Cards Successfully
    There is good and bad debt, and this blog gets into the nitty gritty here. It will also covers how much to target as the maximum debt to take on when it comes to home or car loans. More important, many Americans struggle with credit card debt. We offer six tactics to get credit card debt under control.

  3. How Much to Save and How to Prioritize Competing Budget Needs
    As the headline says, this blog covers various saving needs and buckets, and how to manage all those competing budget needs. This builds on the previous two blogs and suggests the top seven priorities in managing your money, so you can make smart trade-offs when you have competing needs.

Cheers to you for taking the initiative to make it happen!

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