We Support the Right to Freedom, Justice, and Liberty for All

By Stuart Robertson

We as a company felt it important to let all who visit our website, use our solutions, or anyone for that matter, know we support freedom, justice and liberty for all. For all. The “all” needs to be repeated over and over with the backbone of this: Black Lives Matter.

We are shocked, saddened, and appalled by what happened to George Floyd, and the countless other incidents like this that have occurred in our nation, and what it still says about our culture and how much further we must go. This has gone on way too long, and there is no better time than now to bring justice and pull together to prevent furture wrongs, peacefully, and finally stop prejudice.

For Our Associates
While we always strive to treat our associates fairly and equally, we will be even more thoughtful, aware and dedicated to this. Moreover, we will ever be vigilant that we offer a welcoming environment, where diversity is the norm, pay is based on skill and effort (not gender or race) and great ideas come to life.

For Our Clients and Prospects
Our mission is to Lead Americans to Save. Yes, that’s all Americans that use or are interested in our solutions no matter who you are or where you come from. We know that wealth is not evenly distributed in our nation and that race and our country’s heritage has contributed heavily to this divide. We remain steadfast in trying to make it easier, more cost-effective and inclusive for those using our solutions to build a meaningful nest egg, and we hope, attain financial freedom.

We understand there are many things much more valuable in this life than money. Love, liberty, freedom, and justice top the list. We also know money can help provide food and shelter, and it can help people attain dreams and change their and their family’s circumstance. We will be steadfast in our pursuit and work to better each day.

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