Custom Services When You Have Unique or One-Off Need

From time to time, you may require custom, one-off, or special services. A comprehensive list of additional services—which are usually one-time transaction items—you may be charged is provided here in case any such needs arise.

Termination of Plan $50
Transfer of Plan $100
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) $100
Distribution of Benefits for Death or Disability $100
ACH Deposit Returns $20 Per request
Wire Deposit Returns $65 Per request
Returned Checks Deposit $20 Per check
Check Stop Payments/Reissue $20 Per check
Tax Document Request (Fax and regular mail) $25 Per request
1099 Request for Exempt Accounts $50 Per request
Physical Copy of Trade Confirmation $10 Per confirmation
Physical Copy of Monthly Statements $5 Per statement
SEC Fee (Sell side only) $0.0000229 Per share ($22.90 per million)
TAF Fee (Sell side only) $0.000130 Per share (maximum $6.49)
ACH Transfer (outgoing) $0.25 Per request
E-check (USD) $3 Per request
Outgoing U.S Wire transfer $25 Per transfer
Outgoing Non-U.S. Wire Transfer $35 Per transfer

Under certain circumstances additional costs and expenses for clearing services may be incurred by DriveWealth which are not included in the schedules set forth above. DriveWealth will use its best efforts to advise the Company of these additional costs and expenses as soon as possible after becoming aware of them. All Fees, charges, and pass-through expenses are subject to change.

Note: Additional pass-through fees may be applicable. Pass-through Fees will automatically adjust in accordance with any modifications made thereto by the respective Regulatory Authority. All pass-through fees are rounded up to the nearest penny and charged per Transaction basis.